Service Provider Training

Service Provider Training

As a Techtrak Service Provider, you get training and support to help your business succeed. Book your online Service Provider Training and start receiving jobs, streamlining customer communications and invoicing faster with Ecotrak. Plus, Service Providers do not get charged to use the platform.


Techtrak Training Series

Our support team will guide you through the process of setting up your profile and demonstrate how to use our website and mobile applications. Click below to sign up.




Ecotrak Certified Vendor Partner Badge

The Ecotrak Certified Vendor Badge is granted to trusted vendors who have completed Service Provider Training. Display your badge on your website and marketing materials to boost your credibility and let others know that you are an Ecotrak expert.

Click here to download the Vendor Partner badge after you have completed the Ecotrak Training Series.

Ecotrak Certified Vendor Partner Badge
Service Provider


Help & Learning

If you have questions about Ecotrak, check out the Service Provider Training Videos or get started with our Vendor Profile Setup Video.