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Plant Nation

Growth, Guests and Ghost Kitchens: C3 Navigates a Future of Possibilities

A division of lifestyle hospitality company SBE, C3 spent much of 2020 navigating the unprecedented pandemic — while simultaneously exploring opportunities via ghost kitchens, celebrity influencers, software development and food halls that Rinella sees as potential ways to capitalize on this “pent up demand” and emerge with a business stronger, smarter and more nimble than ever before.

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Now Hiring

How to Ramp Up Hiring as You Prepare for Full Capacity

As your business shifts from no or low capacity to full capacity, it’s time to review your hiring practices. The COVID-19 pandemic had an enormous impact on nearly all areas of business, including your staffing. But now, capacity restrictions are beginning to ease.

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Mendocino Farms

Mendocino Farms’ First Cloud Kitchen (aka Ghost Kitchen)

Mendocino Farms opened its first cloud kitchen in Long Beach, California in November 2020. We caught up with Gene Davis, CRFP, Senior Director of Facilities, to talk facility management technology, cloud kitchens and how the brand fared during the pandemic.

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Restaurant Kitchen

Should the Industry Change the Term CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System)?

Facilities management undergoes constant change and innovation. Everything including work order organization, asset and warranty management, technology interfacing and even the very labor force itself is rapidly evolving. In such a fast-paced industry it’s imperative that professionals reach for the most optimal tools.

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Drive through

Seven Lessons Learned Post COVID-19

After more than a year, the restaurant industry has learned important lessons about how to navigate COVID-19 in 2021 and beyond. Here are seven common lessons that many organizations have learned during recovery.

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