New Work Orders UI Design

As a leader in facilities management, Ecotrak is always looking for opportunities to improve our software solution while continuing to deliver value and an exceptional experience to our customers. We are pleased to share the latest additions and improvements to our product.

Introducing Work Orders, built to keep your team connected, informed, improve maintenance productivity, reduced equipment downtime and expenses.


Information at a Glance

  • Get real-time visibility and control into work as it happens.
  • Organize, prioritize, track and edit work orders in one place.
  • Add a note, reassign, complete and cancel work orders with quick action buttons.
  • Dive into the details by viewing detailed work order histories, attachments and notes.
Work Orders
Work Orders Navigation

See the Big-Picture

  • View KPIs and alerts with Emergency, Assigned, Pending and Unassigned work orders.
  • With Advanced Search, locate specific work orders by service provider, asset, problem and trade type.