Matt Singer on FM Evolution

The Integration of AI into FM with Matt Singer

How can Facilities Managers benefit from integrating AI solutions into their workflow? CEO Matt Singer sits down with the FM Evolution podcast live at RFMA’s happy hour to discuss artificial intelligence. Check out the podcast.

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Mendocino Farms Sandwich Market

Preparing For Growth, Mendocino Farms First Did This

How the California sandwich brand created a facilities management model that would work at scale.

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Facility Manager

Protecting Your Investment: Trends, challenges and opportunities in warranty execution

Ecotrak’s Mike Snyder explains trends, challenges and opportunities in equipment warranty execution in the December/January issue of Facilitator Magazine.

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Del Taco

How Del Taco is Saving Time and Money on Repairs and Maintenance

Del Taco, the second largest Mexican quick-service brand in the U.S., was looking to reimagine it’s facilities management strategy across 600 locations. Learn how Del Taco is saving time and money on repairs and maintenance with Ecotrak. Read the article by QSR magazine.

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All Systems Go

Mike Snyder, our Founder and COO gives insight into the future of CMMS. Check out the thought leadership article “All Systems Go” in Connexus Magazine.

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Warranties Go Digital: Avoid unnecessary spend by leveraging a CMMS to keep track of Warranties

Ecotrak’s Sean Sierra discusses the importance of tracking warranties with a CMMS in the December/January issue of Facilitator Magazine.

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